Loopwhoop (ENGLISH)

Hello and welcome to my homepage! 🙂

My main platforms to share value in the form of information and entertainment are Instagram and Youtube.

There I freely share everything I can for the love of it.

Here I am offering another type of value service; I give myself to you.

If you think I could be of value for you in any way; so be it wheelchair technique, mindset, spinal cord injury lifestyle or any Loopwhoop thing then this is the page.

I give you all my energy, focus and love for a time in our lives.

We can videochat or ultimately I can come to you. Whichever will be most convenient and beneficial for you.

I am willing to share my energy and everything I know about life with you,
This is the ultimate way for me to be of value.

It can be you as an individual person or you can use me on a SCI camp, a rehabilitation camp, in a workshop, as an example for physiotherapist or literally anywhere.

I am up to share myself in any given situation and I am certain we can make it something great.

Get in touch with me and we’ll make something happen.

on Instagram @Loopwhoop,
or we can voice-chat!

Keep it wheel.